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All About Disco Balls

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-Sir Disco Daddy


All About Disco Balls

By Sir Disco Daddy

Who doesn’t love disco balls? I haven't met anyone who hasn't been utterly enamored with the gleaming silver balls as they look up at them. I consider disco balls to be the most beautiful and enchanting gift of the twentieth century. People already know when they have a birthday, holiday, party -- they're getting a disco ball from me. And, those who've received my balls have been grateful. So, give your beloved a disco ball for your special day!

Still not convinced? Disco balls...they have been around for more than a century now and yet they still manage to put people under their enchantment. I've seen completely sober individuals look up at those glittery balls and look hypnotized. The power of disco balls is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Disco balls were initially meant to be used in discos and clubs, hence, earning the name "disco balls." I see what they did there. Ha! Anyway, disco balls are now used in homes and parties as a decoration. I know a couple cool realtors who stage houses with a nightclub vibe in the basement or bedroom. You know what they use to set this vibe? You guessed it -- disco balls. Maybe not in the bedroom -- but all over the house. Disco balls can help sell your home, and the lighting effects of these beautiful crystal balls have the power to enchant people and put them under a beautiful trance. That might help you get full asking price. But I digress...disco balls are about setting the vibe. 

Especially when decorating your homes or arranging parties, these magical balls can take the beauty of the place to a whole new level. From your bedroom to your kitchen to your living room to your working space, disco balls can add a unique and colorful touch to your place. 


When looking for a disco ball to use in your homes, you must consider the different types of crystal balls and pick the one that goes well with the effect that you want to create. For instance, there are three major kinds of disco balls in the market:

  • The Original Glitter Balls
  • Floor Lamps
  • Party Light Bulbs


The Original Glitter Balls: are the disco balls that were initially used in the 1920s and got popular later into the seventies. They’re generally hung from the ceiling and give off the nostalgic 20th-century vibes that many of us love so much. Using these balls in your homes or parties will take you back in time. You might, however, need a separate source of light if you want to use these balls. Moreover, there are some crystal balls with their own light source and some disco balls come with a rotating motor that creates an even better dancing environment and aesthetic.


The Floor Lamps: just like their name implies, these lights are meant to be fixed on the floor. They’re also known as floor lights by many and don’t necessarily have to be set up on the floor. Some of these lamps can even be set up on walls or any other surface. However, you must make sure that the surface is safe enough for the floor lamps with no risk of them getting stepped on or smashed. And when Dopamine Jean is spinning, things get a little interesting. One time this guy started to... but I digress. Suffice it to say that one must ensure the availability of sufficient space for the lamps to avoid any mishaps. The variety of colors and patterns available in these lamps is quite vast. On a side note though, this type of lighting apparatus is pretty expensive and might not function satisfactorily in the absence of sufficient space. Did I sound smart in the last sentence? Hm.

Party Lightbulbs: are the best solution for places with limited space. They are quite affordable as well. A party lightbulb is of the same size as that of a common lightbulb. Despite their small size as compared to other disco balls, these lightbulbs don't lose much when it comes to efficiency or color variations to their larger counterparts. The only con to these beautiful crystal balls their limited controls and slightly complicated set up procedure. They are not as easy to install as the other disco balls, so you might have to put in some extra effort.


Final Verdict

In the end, the key deciding factor in your choice of a disco ball is still the interior and size of the room you are buying the glitter ball for and the effect you want to create. In addition to this, budget constraints could also play a key role in helping you reach your decision. However, no matter what type of disco ball you choose, you won't regret your decision since quite a few celebrities (with and without moustache) are also known to have used them in their home décor.

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